Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Tag: That's so 90's!

I was born in 1989 and grew up throughout the 90's, therefore making me a '90's kid. Below is a list of questions related to growing up in that era. (era sounds so old! ha!)

  • Favorite tv show:  Saved by the Bell. I watched it everyday after school followed by the Babysitters club which was based on a series of books written by Ann M. Martin

  •  Favorite Toy: Barbie dolls! I was actually obsessed. My friend and I would create little stories and build houses out of boxes. We had endless hours of fun with those dolls, to the point our neighbours didn't think we would ever outgrow them!  

  •  Favorite tv commercial: The Philsbury Doughboy adverts, not because I ever got any of the cookies or treats being advertised but because I liked when the random finger poked the little dough man's tummy and it went all squidgy! I don't think these were advertised in the UK, but definitely on American tv. I grew up in the Caribbean where our tv was primarily American. 

  • N'Sync or Backstreet boys: N'Sync! Justin Timbalake has always been my fave!! 

  • Weirdest fashion trend: That time when EVERYONE wore butterfly clips in their hair. From the huge ones with wings and glitter to the little grip like ones. oh and those platform flipflops!  I remember getting some and not being able to walk properly in them.Cringe!

  • Favorite Disney show and Movie: My favorite Disney movie was Cinderella! Even now I can watch it with Princess over and over again and not get bored. Tv show was Lizzie Mcquire, the best bit on the whole show was the little cartoon that popped up. Un-related to the 90's, but this is why when I attempted to read Fifty shades of grey I couldn't stand her stupid sub conscious because it just reminded me of Lizzie's little cartoon. Not appropriate! 
  • Favorite Nickelodeon show:  My brother and I always watched, Hey Arnold ,The Rugrats.oh and Kenan and Kel and The Amanda Show.I sometimes watch Hey Arnold on Netflix just for old times sake.

  •  Favorite Music artist: Destiny's Child! The first video I watched of theirs was for 'bills,bills,bills' and I was transfixed and I remember when the launch of their video for 'survivors' aired on Tv, it was like I was watching a movie or tv show. I didn't dance along or sing, just stared, in awe. Survivors is just the best and Beyonce has always been the star!

  •  Favorite book: All of the Sweet Valley high series and then anything by Jacquiline Wilson, especially her 'Girls in love' series.
I enjoyed doing this tag after my short break from writing anything on my blog. Tell me some of your memories from when you were growing up, I do love reading such things. :-))))

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